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Head and shoulders picture of Samantha Samantha is a team leader at an FE college. Many of her students have dyslexia or other neuro-diverse conditions. Dyslexia Unlocked showed her ways to support people with dyslexia using specific techniques to break down barriers and increase access to information.

Are you an educator, employer, service provider or other interested party? Do you want to know more about dyslexia/other disabilities to:

We can provide advice on disabilities, barriers to learning and achievement and make suggestions for strategies and approaches, equipment and reasonable adjustments.

To discuss how our consultancy service
could help you:

Call us on 01273 758760
Email claire@dyslexia-unlocked.com
Or text 07900 902582

" We engaged the services of Claire Salter for eight sessions of coaching... an invaluable service, not just for the individual member of staff, but also for the whole organization. Claire was able to...provide useful and helpful techniques for our staff member to ...do her job more effectively and quickly and with much more confidence...the improvement in written work has been immeasurable. We have also learnt a lot about our own systems and ways of working that have benefitted all of our staff and the company as a whole. Thanks Claire." The Kage Partnership