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Tailored Computer TuitionJim Kent - Dyslexia Neurodiverse Computer Training

Jim Kent has twenty years experience working with computers and in communications. Jim delivers specialist one-to-one computer training to adults with Dyslexia and other neuro-diverse conditions, such as AD(H)D. He has developed a unique relaxed training programme to help people conquer issues with IT and to get computers working for them.

People with Dyslexia can have various problems with computers. Distinguishing between files and folders can be a pariticular issue. Jim can teach people to better organise their files and then be able to find them.

" I am dyslexic and found Jim an understanding person who recognises the particular challenges people with dyslexia face when learning computing skills. He has given me the confidence to use these new found computer skills and knowlege at work. I highly recommend Jim as a specialist computer tutor."
Jo - Brighton